The Roots and Revolution of Today’s Sex Scandals

Image result for fraternity scandal penn state Bernie Diaz, November 28, 2017

As a disc jockey famously said on-air years ago, “And the hits just keep on coming!”  

One sex scandal continues after another, rocking American culture as seemingly never before, with no institution immune from its clutches.

First it was Misters Weinstein and Spacey amongst others from the Hollywood film and television industry, including long-respected talk-show host, Charlie Rose, and then Washington D.C. the very cradle of our government, being beset with a deluge of allegations of sexual sins, manifest in harassment, inappropriate advances, illicit physical contact and even charges of rape in some cases, allegedly perpetrated by congressional candidates and leaders (e.g. Roy Moore, Al Franken, John Conyers).

Amidst the call for resignations and congressional committee hearings in several of these cases, the apologies and mea culpas from the accused have largely fallen upon skeptical if not deaf ears.

Franken, a Minnesota Senator and former Saturday Night Live member and comedian, when accused of groping at least ‘a handful’ of women in photographs taken over the past several years, said in his first post-accusation interview to the news media, “I don’t remember these photographs, I don’t.” Franken, who was elected to the Senate in 2008, added. “This is not something I would intentionally do.”

Really? When presented with visual evidence of sexual misconduct, this elected official actually admitted to groping women ‘unintentionally?’ Was that just a motor reflex movement then on behalf of the Senator?

More alarmingly, when asked whether he expected more women to step forward with similar allegations of unsolicited fondling, Franken said in the interview that he certainly hoped not. “If you had asked me two weeks ago, ‘Would any woman say I had treated her with disrespect?’ I would have said no… So, this just caught me by surprise. … I certainly hope not.”

Surprise, surprise indeed Senator. Misogynistic, sexual sin has been rediscovered and revealed in mainstream media for what it is and has been for more than a generation now, being merely the most recent sign or symbol of our sexual revolution, a rebellion of God’s created order, emanating from the root of the sexually depraved nature of man.

Why would we be surprised that anyone in general and particularly even men in positions of authority, would be guilty of inappropriate sexual conduct in a world which legalizes, legitimizes and then glamorizes sexual sin throughout its society (i.e. Game of Thrones, pornography and the LGTBQ agenda)?

College campus Greek fraternities and sororities are now being re-examined if not closed at various universities throughout the country, as a crescendo of talk about sexual consent and sin has been squarely aimed at our teens and young adults.

As my daughter’s new Freshman orientation material at a local state university indicated, the ‘indoctrination,’ better disguised as the orientation of students, has as much to do with sexual and gender orientation as its campus and curriculum.

If alcohol is allowable and accessible on college campuses (where half to ¾ of the population is under the legal age of drinking) and students are taught that consent must be given before the commencement of any sexual encounter, then sexual misconduct and sin will be sure to follow.

Whereas, it may be practical and even humanly wise to teach the importance of sexual consent and the consequences that come from ignoring or violating it, such sin can only be properly dealt with by God’s standard of sexual conduct (1 Cor. 6:12-20).

If we as Christian parents in our homes and within a local community of faith, cannot ground our children in the context of sexual relations being ordained exclusively in a marriage between one man and one woman, we will reap- personally and corporately, that which we have sown, which is a compromising, morally relativistic harvest of debauchery, disease and abortion in a lost and decaying world.

 Back to the Basics

Former church pastor and author Tim Keller and his wife Kathy, describe sex as a “covenant renewal ceremony” and say, “sex is perhaps the most powerful God-created way to help you give your entire self to another human being. Sex is God’s appointed way for two people to reciprocally say to one another, ‘I belong completely, permanently, and exclusively to you.’ You must not use sex to say anything less. So, according to the Bible, a covenant is necessary for sex. It creates a place of security for vulnerability and intimacy.”

That God-ordained context of sex within marriage, is built on a foundation of commitment and willing consent as an expression of mutual love. Keller implies that it is not the fear of law and consequence that should constrain us, but rather the presence of love and commitment.

Anything else is a perversion of the intimacy that God desires and has ordered for his image-bearing creatures. Of course, the enemy of our souls and the ‘prince of the power of the air’, has expertly blinded the eyes of not only the weeds, but even some of the wheat in the church to the extent that sexual abuse and harassment has become as common place as it has (2 Cor. 4:4).

That is, because the sexual revolution has taught our society the idea that to be fully human, is to be fully free sexually, which really means the often temporary and therefore empty expression of mere physical gratification outside the ‘constraints’ of traditional marriage.

The revolution has deliberately separated sex from its God-given intention of loving, family-reproducing commitment. Young adults, always at the forefront of this rebellion, are being led further astray now, by adult examples of power and influence in a culture of sexual indulgence that more closely resembles prostitution than real relationship.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Sexual sin can be regulated or somewhat restricted by conventional law, but is ultimately powerless to govern ourselves.

To turn the tide of this sexual revolution, Biblical Christians must model and teach the truth that the gospel not only redeems souls, but sex and intimacy as well. That can only happen within God’s context and covenant of marriage, where sex can be truly safe and most satisfying (1 Thess. 4:3-5).

That means that Christians are to embrace marriage ‘lest they burn’ when their gift of singleness has been enjoyed and are called to covenant with another, and are to hate divorce almost as much as God does and enjoy the blessed privilege that God has provided for his children exclusively in marriage….

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous (Heb. 13:4, ESV).


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