Election 2020 Primer: Looking at the Platforms

Bernie Diaz, October 6th, 2020

In my most recent post (Election 2020 Primer: Voting and What to Look For), I argued that on occasion a biblically minded voter may be forced to look past the character or conduct of a particular candidate as the primary qualification for an elected office, and instead focus on their platform- or more likely, their political party’s platform of policies or programs as the best indicator of a candidates philosophy of governing.

At any given moment in time, one candidate’s position on an important election or governmental issue may morph into another for any number of reasons. The possibility of such a move was highlighted this past weekend when the world almost stopped- upon the news that President Donald Trump was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

Though the President seemed to be on the road to recovery after having received some fairly aggressive treatment, he has had to alter his workload and travel on his re-election campaign trail with only three weeks remaining before election day.

All of this points to prospective evangelical voters needing to prayerfully do their homework as to where the candidates- or where their respective parties stand on the issues in comparison to the Bible’s positions and teaching on such issues.

Keeping in mind that the scriptures do not specifically address every significant issue of our modern times in detail, or that neither major party (Republican or Democrat) or candidates platform perfectly expresses the mind and heart of God on all the issues, a voter must do the best with what they have to work with.

One social media pundit put it well in a traveling analogy, posting: “Voting isn’t marriage. It’s public transport. You’re not waiting for “the one.” You’re getting on the bus. And if there isn’t one going exactly to your destination (read biblical preference), you don’t just stay home and sulk. You take the one that’s going to be closest to where you want to go.”

There is much wisdom in that comment, as one candidate may have a more biblically sound or influenced position on some moral and military issues, but may not reflect the revealed will and word of God as to dealing with poverty, social justice or even COVID-19 policy. It is a mixed bag of politics that we deal with. However, I find that where the Bible is most clear- particularly on the institutions and issues that God has clearly ordained for government, the scriptures are more than beneficial – they are essential– in helping us to vote biblically on election day.

Thinking in the most broad of categories, I would prioritize the Christian vote in three of those buckets: Life, liberty and the love of neighbor, which are biblically rooted and the first two of which are noteworthy as inalienable rights, coming from God to man in our nation’s founding, Declaration of Independence.

There were some rather interesting and relevant results of what were the top election issues going into the evangelical voter’s decision, according to a new Lifeway Research Poll, of which most surprising perhaps, were the ‘Personal character’ factor, ranking sixth at just 8% followed by the ‘Ability to address racial injustice.’

What ranked highest was a candidate’s perceived ability to improve the economy and then the ability to slow the spread of COVID-19, which are not only interrelated to one another, but the proposed solutions in dealing with both of them differ greatly from President Trump’s platform to the Democratic party’s challenger, Joe Biden. Moreover, both issues also pose a greater challenge of biblical discernment to voters as to what the clearest biblical path may be to take on them.

What is most clear are the revealed will and word of God’s positions on the critically important issues of abortion and the protection of religious freedom (life and liberty) which ranked third and fourth- even above national security for most likely evangelical voters.


The distinction between both parties platform position on abortion could not be clearer, which is where we’ll begin this portion of our election primer in terms of the issues. What is ultimately most important then, is each platform’s juxtaposition to the word of God.

God speaks clearly as to the sanctity of every human life he has created through the biological process – from womb to tomb, as the unborn are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ (Psa. 139:13-14).  There is inherent dignity and humanity in every preborn life as evidenced by Jehovah’s word to his prophet Jeremiah at the time of his ordination to ministry, “Before I formed you in your mother’s wombI chose you.Before you were born I set you apart….” Indeed, God by his sovereign authority orders life.

Why is it wrong then to abort a child? Because: (1) You Shall not kill (murder, Exo. 20:13) (2) You shall not play God. As Job told us (Job 1:21), God is God and we are not and to take innocent life in a premeditated, cold-blooded or calculated way is to play God, which is idolatrous and disobedient. God ordains governments to protect innocent life (Ro. 13), not take it, regardless of whether or not a particular government or society has legalized and legitimized abortion.

In our culture of death, brought largely upon our land by the Roe v. Wade pro-abortion Supreme Court decision of more than a generation ago, 60 plus million preborn children have been killed in our country and infanticide– the death of already born babies who have survived botched abortion attempts, is now a ‘right’ to be defended by one particular political party’s agenda.

The 2020 Democratic Party Platform – On Abortion

  • Opposes all federal and state laws that prohibit or restrict abortion.
  • Supports restoring taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
  • Supports the repeal of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funds from being used for abortion services.

Interestingly enough, Joe Biden’s Vice-Presidential candidate Kamala Harris, a California Senator, earlier this year voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Act, which would have protected unborn babies from abortion procedures after the point at which they can feel pain (20 weeks).

Harris also voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would have required doctors present during a failed abortion — an abortion that results in the birth of a living infant — to provide the same level of care that would be offered to any other baby at the same stage of development. Make no mistake about it. The Democratic party is the political party of death, with respect to the life and liberty of the unborn.

Yes, the Democratic party has gone so far as to sanction the killing of babies today that are being born or have been born in some cases (partial-birth abortion), which is nothing less than infanticide. Many of these infants are fully-formed, awake and alive, as the body is extracted from the mother except the head, which is then punctured by a pair of scissors. This is barbaric and God is and will make those in authority over such legislation, pay for it on judgment day. That tragedy occurs hundreds if not several thousand times a year. In contrast to that platform…

The 2020 Republican Party Platform – On Abortion

  • Supports the sanctity of human life and affirms that the “unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.”
  • Supports a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth.
  • Opposes taxpayer funding of abortion. Calls for a permanent ban on federal funding and subsidies for abortion and health-care plans that include abortion coverage.
  • Supports a ban on human cloning for research or reproduction, and a ban on the creation of, or experimentation on, human embryos for research.

Is God and his word pro-life or pro-abortion? You better believe pro-life. There is no debating the Bible’s position on this issue and which current party platform best reflects it. Therefore, Christians are mandated to speak the truth in love (Eph. 5:11) and do what they can- including with their vote, to rescue- protect the unborn!

Pro. 24:11 Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.

Pro. 31:8 Open your mouthon behalf of those unable to speak,for the legal rights of all the dying.

If life itself is precious to God and should be to man, and if liberty itself begins with life, there can be no greater or more fundamental an issue for a presidential voter to consider than abortion, as the bully pulpit of a president and his Supreme Court justice appointments speak volumes.

May social justice in America –such a prevalent topic of discussion today, be reflected in justice from a government towards its most vulnerable and innocent victims first- the unborn. Next post: Election 2020 Primer: Looking at the Platforms- Liberty.

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