Abortion and the Fallacy of a ‘Woman’s Health and Right to Choose’

Bernie Diaz, April 15th, 2021

Rather than call abortion what it truly is, once we strip away all the politically correct jargon that we’re about to expose, abortion fundamentally, is the shedding of innocent blood, to use biblical language (Eze. 22:1-4) or murder, more simply put.

For our Roe v. Wade conditioned ears of nearly five decades of media and cultural deception and indoctrination, words like “murder” in describing abortion have been regarded as sounding just a bit too harsh today.

Indeed, I must give credit to where credit is due, to the advocates of the sexual revolution and pro-abortion movement who have successfully manipulated society into redefining words and their plain meaning to mean what is advantageous to the revolutionaries.

For instance, the idea that abortion is all about women’s health care and the right to choose – of which neither concept holds up to closer scrutiny.

Case in point, a just published news report of the letter from Food and Drug Administration acting Commissioner Janet Woodcock to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, indicating the federal agency will allow abortion groups to keep selling the abortion pill online despite safety concerns.

But, “What about the health of the mother?”

Let me repeat, your federal government is allowing abortionists in the United States to dispense abortion pills through the mail during the remainder of the COVID-19 pandemic. How utterly convenient and barbaric is that?

FDA research reportedly showed few medical complications associated with allowing women to obtain the drugs without an in-person consultation. Citing the risk of spreading the coronavirus during visits to abortion facilities, the feds said it would not enforce the in-person rule for the duration of the pandemic – no matter how long that might take.

Pro-lifers, however, rightly said the decision put political interests above women’s health and encouraged states to pass legislation to protect mothers from the risks of mail-order abortions.

Mail order abortions so you know, are chemical abortions- the two-step abortion pill process coming to the door-step of a mother carrying a conceived, image-bearer of God (Gen. 1:26-28).

The first pill (also known as RU-486) starves the baby to death in the womb by depriving him or her of the necessary nourishment they need, from the hormone, progesterone. Then it stills the heartbeat (already detectable in as little as 17 days) of the defenseless child, and the second dosage induces labor- really expelling the remains of that child from its mother, resembling a bizarre and ritualistic version of a miscarriage.

The FDA’s external studies likely gave a limited picture of the number of women harmed by the drugs, as many pregnant mothers who present in emergency rooms with severe bleeding or other complications don’t tell hospital staff that they took the abortion pill, which is usually administered by an abortion center and then the “patient” is given their second dosage to take at home and fend for themselves.

“This is completely political. There is nothing medical about this decision,” said Katie Glenn, a government affairs counsel for Americans United for Life. She pointed to the reports of complications experienced by women in the United Kingdom who have received the abortion pill through the country’s Pills by Post program during the pandemic. They reported severe pain and bleeding during at-home abortions—sometimes because they waited past the recommended 10 weeks of pregnancy to take the pills.

Yet the information that is rarely given and was dramatically and graphically illustrated by Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director in the film, Unplanned demonstrates that medical abortions (now approaching 50% of all abortions) involve severe cramping, contractions, and bleeding to expel the baby.

These symptoms can last from several hours to several days, and they can be very intense and painful. Many women also experience nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and headache.

Maternal deaths have occurred as well, most frequently due to infection and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancy.

The Hypocrisy

In the name of women’s health, is a chemical abortion a natural procedural process for a woman to undergo and in her best interests, to say nothing of the extinguished life of the preborn child?

As the prolife advocate above noted, how “crazy frustrating” is it that the FDA would remove safety protocols for the abortion pill while showing so much caution regarding COVID-19 vaccines.

This week, the same agency recommended states stop using the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine (mirroring concerns from the AstraZeneca injection in Europe), because six women developed blood clots soon after taking it. One of those women died, while a second remains in critical condition. About 7 million Americans had received the vaccine so far.

Yet, while six fatalities from 6 million shots were enough to derail COVID vaccinations, the FDA shares little or no concern and medical precautions related to the abortion pill, which resulted in at least 4,000 adverse events out of 4 million pill dosages over an eight-year period. Is there anything wrong with that data picture?

“The Right to Choose”

What would you say if I told you that I believe I have the right to choose to neglect the care of my dog in south Florida and let him die of starvation in  my home?

You would have more than a few choice words for me I’m sure, as once the stench of that canine corpse traveled to my neighbor’s home, I might have police and a TV news crew on my front-yard videotaping my arrest for a crime against a favored creature.

Yet, a couple (often including a culpable father) has a right to choose the extermination- shedding of innocent blood of God’s favored creation from conception up to the moment, if not in some cases, even after it’s birth. Is the taking of a life a crime against an animal? Yes.

Is it a crime against humanity, an unborn being every bit a person fundamentally as a two-year old toddler or twenty year-old college student? No. Not according to Roe v Wade and our legal system.

Let’s stop pretending people and stop the nonsense when we hear it, that abortion should be legitimized as its been legalized for too long, since it’s just about a woman’s health and right to choose.

Abortion rights groups have long opposed and continue to oppose virtually any real “choice” legislative initiative, such as giving parents the right to be notified of the abortion intent of their minor children or the right to expect a medically licensed and approved, medically safe facility for their ‘procedure’, or the choice to see their unborn child in the womb via an ultrasound. Why oppose these “choices?”

Because pro-aborts are more concerned with sexual freedom than the innocent lives of others. That reality may be harsh but I believe it’s true. Heart disease and cancer are not the leading cause of death in your community dear reader. You know what is? Abortion, which claims the lives of nearly 1 million preborn children in America every year.

Will prolife politics in and of itself cure this great moral evil of our time, now made more convenient – ironically, by health officials who only desire to dispense limited choice? I don’t think so.

The church of Jesus Christ is our best and ultimate body to bring the restorative hope of the gospel of life found in Jesus Christ to the abortion crisis, as we love our neighbors, beginning with taking the opportunity to expose the evil work of darkness that is abortion to them (Eph. 5:11).

Lets’ begin to clean up the language of abortion with truth telling about health and choice.

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