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Bernie Diaz is the founding pastor of Christ Community Church in southwest Broward county Florida which began serving the South Florida community in 2009. He is most passionate about preaching and teaching God’s Word and making disciples in a Family-Integrated ministry. As part of his teaching ministry, Bernie served as the co-host of Sound-Word Live, a radio talk-show on WHIM, The Answer, 1080-AM, featuring his Pastoral Perspective, and biblical world-view on today’s controversies and questions.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. The Camuso Clan

    Good morning,
    We the link to your blog from the NCFIC website.
    We live in NH, but are looking into relocating to FL.
    Could you point us to any Credobaptist, family integrated, KJV churches you are aware of in Florida?
    Thank you so much!
    Jon and Shera

    1. mycaptivethought Post author

      Hi Camuso Clan. The only family-integrated church in the entire South Florida region that I’m aware of is ours at Christ Community Church (www.christcomchurch.org) and we preach on Sundays from the ESV translation. I’m only aware of one KJV only church and it is nearby us, but not FIC (family Integrated Church). I would highly recommend you visit us just the same so that you might be exposed to our worship, community of faith (people) as well as our preaching and pastoring. You can hear our sermons online at our website or our page on sermonaudio.com.

  2. Camuso clan

    Thank you!! We are looking more in the Panhandle area. Any ideas in that area? Appreciate your blog posts.

    1. mycaptivethought Post author

      Hi, If you’re still looking to visit good, God-glorifying, Christ-exalting and Bible-centered churches in the panhandle, let me know by calling and leaving a message at our church’s virtual office line (954-212-8520)- leave your email, and I’ll personally email you some suggestions.


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